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Establish Your Word

Have you ever seen a house (or other building) that has a bad foundation?  The walls have cracks in them, maybe the doors don’t shut right, the floor might be warped.  Often there are attempts to cover up the cracks with paint or even “fix” them with dry wall putty etc, but soon enough, the cracks return.  Why? – Because the foundation is faulty.  It has a problem and until it is fixed, everything else is only a temporary solution.

There is a verse in Psalm 119 (actually several of them) that speaks of the Word of God as being our foundation.  Look at verse 38;

Establish Your word to Your servant, who is devoted to fear You – Psalm 119:38

This term “establish” is rather fascinating as it indicates a beginning or something solid. Rather like a foundation of a building.  The Psalmist is writing about God’s Word being established or a foundation in his life.  So what does that look like?

It means that God’s Word is taken into account on every decision I make.  Period.  It helps me determine:  where I spend my money, what do I do for recreation, what do I spend my “free” time on, where I go for vacation, what car I drive, where I live….. and the list goes on endlessly.

Yes, I do believe God’s Word needs to part of everything we do because it is to be foundational to my life.  Our lives need to established or based on His Word – and nothing else.

But in fact, that is most often the source for our problems.  We’ve established our life on financial security or our talents.  Maybe our family linage or educational success.  But none of those things rise to the level of His Word.  My life is to be established on His Word.  The foundation upon which everything else in my life is built upon.

Next, notice how the Psalmist says he is God’s “servant” and how he is “devoted” to God.  This is impossible without having the foundation of your life based on His Word.  When we establish ourselves on anything else, our service will falter and eventually fail.  It is on His Word that I must build my foundation, then I can in complete submission serve Him.

There will be times when God will direct us to something we don’t want to do.  We may not understand it, like it or wish to have anything do to with it.  But He calls us to do it nevertheless.  If my life is established on His Word, then I understand I am His servant and I do as He pleases.  Why? Because I stand in awe and respect of Him.

But it begins with the foundation.

So what’s your life built upon?

Blessings my friend!