A Walk Through Proverbs

Many Christians like to read a devotional book.  Start each day with a verse or two and a “devotional” thought.  These devotional books have been around more many years.

Whstudy biblesile I am not discouraging the use of a devotional, I wish to point you to the best daily devotional you could ever read – the Book of Proverbs!  Few of us think of Proverbs in this manner, but I maintain it might be the best way to start your day.

So far the month of January, I’ll post a few verses from a chapter of Proverbs corresponding to the date of the month (31 days in January and 31 chapters in Proverbs) and give you some thoughts on those verses and how they apply to our life.

Join me on this month long journey as we Walk Through Proverbs.

Blessings my friend!



About The Short Bald Guy

Most of my adult life, I've been in Christian media with 2 years on a church staff and 9 months driving a semi-truck. I don't claim to have any unique wisdom, but I do have a great love for studying the Bible and sharing things God is teaching me from His Word.
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