Lessons From The Shepherd Boy – Part 2

It’s the young shepherd boy against the warrior giant.

There are many lessons one can glean from this chapter.  In part 1, I wrote about how David was God-centered instead of Problem-centered.  There is another lesson we can glean from this passage which easily applies to our life.

  David Had Extreme Confidence or Faith In God

A quick reading of 1 Samuel 17 indicates David had extreme faith.  His faith was strong enough to allow him to stand up to Goliath as a sole combatant.  I picture this lone, pimple faced teenager standing on one side of the valley, while the mighty giant is standing on the other side, with hundreds of Goliath’s fellow soldiers smugly laughing at this want-to-be teenage warrior.  Meanwhile, the army of Israel was petrified by fear and unable to help David beyond giving him armor multiple sizes bigger than him.

The odds were against him, he was all along, yet he was still trusting God.  The young man had great confidence in God’s deliverance.  But notice why he was able to trust God,

The LORD who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine.  – 1 Sam 17:37 NKJV

David remembered how God delivered him in the past.  God had built a track record with David or better, David had built a record of learning that he could trust God.

We may forget smaller victories often are proving grounds for bigger challenges.  Gaining victory over smaller issues prepares us for great battles.

Another part of this lesson is faithfulness.  David was faithful in the little things which gave him the confidence to face bigger things.  Those days out tending his father’s sheep proved to be a laboratory for testing his faithfulness, reliability and trustworthiness.  The sheep of his father’s were not going to stolen by a lion or bear while he was responsible for them.  In David’s way of thinking, this giant and his attack on Israel was no different than a wild animal trying to kill one of his dad’s flock.  As long as he had anything to say about it, this giant was going to have to get past him to defeat Israel.  David was faithful taking care of his dad’s sheep and therefore his confidence soared as he went to meet the giant for battle.

This lesson is one many of us fail to catch.  We want to do “big” things for God and want Him do “big” things in our life, but we fail to serve Him in the “little” things.  For David, facing the lion or the bear were preparatory steps before he went on to something much bigger.

This reminds me of the teaching of Jesus in Matthew 25.  Beginning in verse 14 He taught on faithfulness with this parable about the three servants.  One was giving five talents (roughly worth $50,000), the other one was given two, while the third servant was provided just one.  The first servant took his five talents and through wise investments, he made another five and when his master returned from his long journey, he presented his master ten talents.  His master congratulated him and made this proclamation,

“Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.” – Matthew 25:21

The second servant had much the same experience.  His two talents where invested and he was able to double what his master gave him.  He too was congratulated with the same statement of his faithfulness.

But the third servant did nothing with the talent provided him and his master sharply rebuked him.

Like these first two servants, the shepherd boy David had proved his faithfulness by protecting and rescuing his fathers’ sheep.  He trusted God on those occasions and therefore, he was able to trust God for this encounter, with Goliath.

Are you faithful in those little things?  Do you show up to work on time? Are you up to your commitments?  Do you follow through on tasks that you promised to do?  Do you take out the garbage every week, empty the dishwasher and pick up the dog from the groomers like you promised?  (ya, I know, that hurt…)

To have faith in God when facing your giant, you need to have your faith built up by being faithful, trustworthy, and reliable in the little things.

Blessings My Friend




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Most of my adult life, I've been in Christian media with 2 years on a church staff and 9 months driving a semi-truck. I don't claim to have any unique wisdom, but I do have a great love for studying the Bible and sharing things God is teaching me from His Word.
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