Christmas Quiz

Think you know everything about the Christmas Story?  Then this little quiz will be a piece of cake for you!  Answer all the questions ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE!!  (Hint……just because you heard it in a Christmas song, doesn’t make it true!)

(answers are on the bottom of the post)

  1. What is the name of the grandmother of Jesus?
    1. Martha
    2. Mary
    3. Eve
    4. The Bible doesn’t say
  1. Jesus was born in what town?
    1. Jerusalem
    2. Nazareth
    3. Bethlehem
    4. Jericho
  1. Joseph was a…
    1. Carpenter
    2. Blacksmith
    3. Priest
    4. Tax Collector
  1. Why didn’t Mary and Joseph stay at the inn?
    1. They couldn’t afford it
    2. There wasn’t an inn in town
    3. There was no room at the inn
    4. None of the above
  1. How did Mary and Joseph get to Bethlehem?
    1. Colt
    2. Mary rode a donkey, Joseph walked
    3. Wagon pulled by 2 oxen
    4. The Bible doesn’t say
  1. After being born, Jesus was placed in a …
    1. Manger
    2. Basket of reeds
    3. A pile of hay
    4. A backpack
  1. Which animals does the Bible say were housed in the stable where Jesus was born?
    1. Cows, donkeys and sheep
    2. Lions, tigers and bears (oh my)
    3. Goats, oxen and camels
    4. The Bible doesn’t say
  1. A Manger is…
    1. A barn
    2. Wooden table
    3. A basket
    4. A Feeding Trough
  1. From what area were the wise men from?
    1. The west
    2. The east
    3. The Orient
    4. None of the Above
  1. What sign were the shepherds given to look for by the angels?
    1. A lion and a lamb together in peace
    2. A tree with a star on top
    3. A star over the stable
    4. None of the above
  1. How many wise men came to see Jesus?
    1. Three
    2. Two
    3. One
    4. The Bible doesn’t say
  1. The wise men were…
    1. Kings
    2. Priest
    3. Star gazers
    4. Doctors
  1. According to the Bible, the little drummer boy met Jesus….
    1. In the stable where he was born
    2. When Jesus was about 2 years old
    3. In Joseph and Mary’s home after they returned to Nazareth
    4. None of the above
  1. Who told Joseph and Mary to go to Bethlehem?
    1. An angel
    2. Caesar Augustus
    3. Pontius Pilate
    4. The high priest
  1. The child Jesus and His parents went to Egypt because…
    1. Joseph was told to in a dream
    2. He wanted to meet Pharaoh and tell him to let His people go
    3. He never went there
    4. The Bible doesn’t say

Have fun!






  1. D – While the Bible does say who Jesus’ grandfathers were (found Matthew 1 and Luke 3), His grandmothers are not identified
  2. C
  3. A
  4. C
  5. D – While often imagined as Mary riding a donkey, the Scriptures are silent on this matter
  6. A
  7. D – Again, the Bible makes no mention of any animals present at His birth
  8. D
  9. B
  10. D – “This shall be a sign to you; You will find the babe wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger” (Luke 2;12)
  11. D – While three gifts are mentioned, the Bible is silent on how many magi were there.
  12. C
  13. D
  14. B – Read Luke 2:1-4 again
  15. A



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Most of my adult life, I've been in Christian media with 2 years on a church staff and 9 months driving a semi-truck. I don't claim to have any unique wisdom, but I do have a great love for studying the Bible and sharing things God is teaching me from His Word.
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