Thoughts From Galatians – Part 1

Grace to you and peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave himself for our sins, that He might deliver us from this present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father. – Galatians 1:3-4 NKJV

In the New Testament book of Galatians, Paul mentions 5 aspects of Christs’ redemptive work.  While he lists these in quick secession, it is worth some time to look at each phrase of Paul’s description as recorded in verse 4.

First, Paul mentions Jesus “gave Himself.”  It is the opening act of redemption where Jesus gave Himself.  He wasn’t forced into it or coerced.  He willingly “gave” or we might say, “sacrificed” His own life as a necessary step in God’s redemptive plan.

Next, Paul says this was done “for our sins.”  There can be a temptation to think of Jesus’ act of sacrifice for the world at large and miss the personal application of His death directly addressing our individual sin.  Your sin (along with mine) demanded action – sacrifice.  Jesus gave himself for “our sins.”  Don’t let the truth of the depravity of your sin escape your understanding of His work.  You needed redemption just as much as anyone.

Thirdly, Paul says “that He might deliver us.”  It is His work that delivers or rescues us.  It is not something we did.  We didn’t clean up our lives and then find Christ.  No, He delivered or rescued us which allowed us to grow and mature as believers.

Paul then mentions how we are delivered “from this present evil age,” meaning we are now citizens of a different kingdom.  This current age is “evil” or worldly, but we are now part of something better.  We are now part of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Our future is better than anything we can imagine in the present.

Finally, Paul says this all “according to the will of God.”  It is His desire for us to experience deliverance or rescue from the bondage of sin.  It is His desire for us to grow as believers and I think, it is His desire for us to know His will.

So, here in just 2 verses from Galatians, we see a quick snapshot of what Christ has done and continues to do for us:

  1. Jesus gave Himself
  2. For our sins
  3. That he might deliver us
  4. From this present evil age
  5. According to the will of God.

God, through His Son Jesus Christ, is doing an awesome thing for us, in us and through us.  It is a gift from Him as we are undeserving of His gift.  His deliverance allows us to partake of greater and better things because His redemptive work was all part of God’s plan.

Galatians is the “go-to” source for teaching on God’s grace.  And we’ve looked at just 2 verses!  If you ever struggle with believing God’s grace is for you, spend some time in Galatians.

In His Service!


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