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I have been spending time pondering the meaning of worship lately.  The concept of worship seems so simple; humans have worshiped since the dawn of time.  Virtually every society, from the most primitive to our ultra-modern culture, worship something.

But what does it mean for believers in Jesus to worship?

We throw that term around in a variety of ways.  When we talk about our church attendance we’ll say, “I went to worship today.”  Or maybe we are describing a portion of the service and state, “our time of worship was very good.”

I’ve been struck by the use of the term in Matthew 2:2.  The magi come to Jerusalem following the appearance of the star and state, “Where is He who is born King of the Jews?  We’ve seen His star in the east and have come to worship Him.”  These men traveled a considerable distance and presented expensive gifts to a young child they had never met, nor had any discernible relationship with His parents.  Yet they still came and worshiped Him.  I wonder, did they get anything out of it?

The magi gave.  They came to the Child to worship Him.  To honor Him. To submit to Him.  To give allegiance to Him.  They weren’t there to sing or hear something that made them feel good.  They were there for Him.

How often have we violated that simple point?

I have been convicted that our time we call “worship” so often isn’t worship because we’ve made it about us and not Him.  What we refer to worship is the time we expect to be entertained.   We want to participate in that entertainment.  We tend to make it about us.  But it’s not supposed to be.  Worship is about Him.

So now I have to ask the question, do you worship?

See I’m beginning to think we need to come to Him expecting nothing in return.  We need to be there just reverently submitting to Him.

“Where is He born King of the Jews?  We’ve seen His star in the east and have come to worship Him.”  This needs to be our driving motivation.  To worship Him and not just to be entertained by a service.

Blessings My Friend