Delight In the Word – Part 3

Joy Is A Treasure

I rejoice at Your word as one who finds great treasure. – Psalm 119:162

How have you felt when you found something of significant worth?  How would you feel if you found some buried treasure? Here in Psalm 119:162, the psalmist also found some treasure.

Not only did he find treasure but he uses the descriptive term “great” treasure.  Something he sees as having a high value.

Think about how the concepts of “value” and “joy” are related in other areas of our life.  When I say “I value” something, I am not necessarily thinking “expensive” or “costly.”  But I’m speaking of what I treasure.  Many of those things also bring me joy.

Family heirlooms are often things we treasure.  They may not be worth much on a monetary scale, but because of a connection with people, places, or time periods which we look fondly upon, we value them.

I have a dining room table and six chairs which were owned by my paternal grandparents.  As the story has been told to me, they bought this table and chairs, used, in the late 1930’s.

My grandfather was not a man who cared much about how anything looked.  He wanted functionality.  Therefore, there are a variety of “customizations” done by his hand to the table and all six chairs.  Those customizations made the table practical in my grandfather’s way of thinking, but they rendered the table of little monetary value in the eyes of antique furniture dealers 60 years later.

But I don’t care.  This table has great value to me. Why? Because I have such pleasurable memories of him and my grandmother around this table, I don’t care what any expert says about its worth.

They had such a small kitchen that my grandmother had to do most of her food prep work in the dining room.  As a kid, I can remember going to my grandparents’ house (they lived right beside us) and seeing my grandmother rolling out dough for pies she was making.  I can remember her cutting dough into strips to make her special homemade noodles on that table.

I also remember the times when I was sitting to the immediate right of my grandfather for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner listening to his stories.  Since he was a coal miner during the Great Depression, he had plenty of stories.  For a man who had only an eighth grade education, I am still amazed at the wealth of information he acquired over the years.

I loved my grandparents and they loved me.  This table helps me remember them and is a tangible reminder of great times with my grandparents. It is a connection with them as they both passed away years ago.  It’s a treasure of mine and just thinking about this table, brings me joy.

This is how the psalmist is describing his relationship with God’s Word.  Because he values it so highly, treasures it so deeply, it brings him joy.

The questions for you is, do you treasure the Word?  Do you value it so highly that it brings you joy?

Blessings My Friend!



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