Foundational Principle #2

Sin, left unchecked, always leads to disaster and ruin

Then they burned the house of God, broke down the wall of Jerusalem, burned all its palaces with fire, and destroyed all its precious possessions. – 2 Chronicles 36:19

The final result of sin is always disaster. Whether it is a moral failing, financial ruin, prison or death, sin if left unchecked, is never satisfied and leads to destruction. We see this plainly with the history of ancient Israel. After being warned many times by God, the people’s stubbornness and unwillingness to submit to and follow God finally lead to their ruin.

Even those not following God understand the necessity for laws. Society must have rules or laws in place to guard it from chaos. It might be called crime, but in reality, it is sin which all society must set boundaries against. Without those laws, anarchy soon reigns and society crumbles.

Within the modern church world, there often is opposition to setting boundaries or standards. Many wish to portray the grace of God much like an absence of laws. After all, the logic goes, the New Testament teaches on the grace of God, the price of sin has been paid by Jesus, everything is forgiven, so we don’t need to subject ourselves to any law. What one does has no real importance on their spiritual life.

Just a quick glance into the Scriptures however teaches us standards are important. Morality is still defined in the Bible and left to itself, sin always ends in disaster.

True, we don’t live under the Old Testament sacrificial laws, but the idea of submitting to God is still applicable. The book of Acts in the New Testament has plenty of examples of how those within the church must still submit to God. Paul’s directives to the Corinthian church are plain as he is writing to them in a forceful way, you can’t live like you did before you knew Jesus! The book of James is full of instruction on how to relate to each other.

Why are these principles so prevalent in Scripture? Because sin, left to itself or unchecked, always leads to disaster. Whether it’s our society at large, civic authorities, and personal accountability, all of us must learn to submit ourselves to various laws or rules. If we don’t, chaos takes over.

God was patient with Old Testament Israel and He is patient with us. But, if we don’t learn the lessons of the past, we too will find out the hard way; sin if left unchecked, always leads to disaster and ruin.


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