I’ve been in Christian media since 1984 with a brief diversion of 21 months on a church staff which may have been the most fulfilling time of my career.  I also drove a semi-truck for 9 months between ministry positions.  That was perhaps the most miserable thing I’ve had to do for a living.  Over the past 30 years, I’ve been a student of God’s Word.  My postings here will mostly be about things God has been teaching me – usually as a result of dealing with failure.  But I know we serve a big God who offers grace, forgiveness and just wants us to know Him.

He has provided us His Word and we need to spend time in it.  The Bible isn’t a text book and I’m quite happy and comfortable with that!  Text books constantly change, but His Word does not.

It’s real, it’s true, it’s relevant and it’s life changing.  I’m on a journey, to know Him through His Word.

Oh yeah, I am short, about 5-6 and loosing my hair.  I’m also a little overweight but I didn’t want to call my blog Short Fat Bald Guy.


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